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Hi everyone! Good to see the world again. Hello internet. It’s been a while.

Yes, I have finally emerged from my hole of grading papers and telling students the highest possible grade they can receive is a B, and no, there’s nothing they can do about it with 2 weeks left of school. Ah, writing is much less scary in that its everyone’s job to be critical of me and not the other way around.

But it has not been all paper grading. I’ve been working on my manuscript. 97,000 words in, and it is almost done! I think the final version will be trimmed down a little, honestly. There are some useless characters I need to cut out, plot devices that should just get dumped off a cliff, the usual. Besides the main project, I failed miserably at NanoWrimo, but that’s okay. Success will not elude me next year! (okay, maybe it will.) But I will try.

In the meantime, I started a new sci-fi work that plays with a character in a universe I had already created. I wrote an extremely successful short story (which exists under my real name, *sigh*) and I’ve held a few successful performance readings. I’ve even started thinking over my side-project, “Those Who Found Elissa.” I think I need to start the story exactly when she’s found by the others, not before. It would make the plot a lot easier if I did not have to explain my way out of holes.

Thanks to the interwebs, some of my content is now available online in a PDF format. Here is the anthology I appeared in last year, if you are interested. My short story “Heart” appeared, and my girlfriend, Nichole Lynn, has a couple poems:

Also, the university’s undergraduate writer’s program just hosted a reading with some really talented writers: undergraduate, graduate, and alumni alike. The whole thing was recorded as a podcast and is available to listen to here:

There were some really talented kids, adults, whatever in that line-up though. So listen to them if you have the time. I found it a pleasant surprise to see such raw talent alive and well and being nurtured by the department staff and faculty. Good job UAA.


3 thoughts on “Some Content

  1. Love the update on life, Michelle! You did fall off the planet for a while there but glad to see you’re back again. It’s great that you’re doing performance readings, it’s both exposure and the chance to see your fans (and I’m sure there are pleanty!) face-to-face!

    • Oh you! We need to hang out more! I’m almost done with work and will be able to give your manuscript a proper critique!

      • We do need to hang out more, friend! And I can hardly wait for your wise critique! Chop half the novel, no doubt. I’m looking forward to reading your newest novel endeavor too!

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