Where have I been, internet? Possibly living in a dark cave and writing thousands upon thousands of pages of unpublishable material? Maybe. A little bit. Basically. Yeah…

But I’m published. That’s the important part. All The Pretty Things started out as an incomplete, all-but-abandoned draft by my coauthor, Rae D Magdon. After coauthoring several short pieces with her, we decided to revisit this older, promising manuscript and revise it together. The result was a published e-book as of today, August 7.

Warning, shameless plug imminent:

All The Pretty Things is a self-published novel available to download for the kindle or any kindle reader app via the amazon bookstore. Since the kindle app goes on anything, you theoretically can read it on what you’re reading this post on. Just search the title plus the author names, either Rae D Magdon or Michelle Magly, and it will pop up.

End shameless plug.

Okay. Now to dish. How was self-publishing? Pretty great, actually. With a coauthor and horde of writing friends all armed with degrees in English, composition, or a variation on either, we had quite the editorial staff at our disposal. Self-published books have a reputation of being unprofessional. We worked hard to make it very professional. 

Formatting was also a large process. We spent hours upon hours of formatting. I read two guides on how to format properly. This story looks nearly identical to any other professionally-produced e-book, minus the extensive front-matter of legal jargon. 

Is self-publishing for everyone? No. Rae and I have an extensive following online, and we work hard to advertise our writing. It takes a lot of work and a lot of writing that you might not be paid for. It’s a tough gig, but if it works for you, it’s an excellent method of publication. Totally recommended. If you choose this path, make sure to use the resources available. Read the free information available about publishing by yourself. Smashwords has an excellent guide.

As for our story in particular, it’s primarily a romance novel housed within a crime drama. There are lesbians, and there are scenes not appropriate for younger readers. You’ve been warned. If there’s anyone with questions about the kindle direct publishing service, ask and I’ll answer to the best of my abilities. Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “Published?

  1. Ahhhhh!! Congratulations, Michelle, I’m so excited for you and Rae! Now I need to find the book and read it! What epublisher did you use? I’m going to self publish my novella Synergy hopefully by November so any chance to pick your brain about the process would be just lovely, if you don’t mind anyway.

    • I used Kindle Direct Publishing. It was fairly simple. 70& royalties, and you retain exclusive rights to publish in print or online elsewhere, if you want. KDP Select seems a little unnecessary in my opinion. It’s the premium service that basically says if you stay exclusive with Amazon for x amount of days, they’ll offer you some free advertising and other options.

      All other comments and questions about it are certainly welcome!

      • Glad to hear it was a relatively simple process,. I was considering looking into Kindle and now I certainly will! You mentioned formatting, was it difficult to do or just… tedious?

        The cover looks amazing, by the way.

  2. Congratulations on the publish – that must’ve been an amazing day. I may need a couple of questions answering a little further down the line if you’re ok with that – currently writing a book for publication before Christmas. If you’re interested, the blog is
    I’m basically trying to document the writing process over a very short period of development – if you can offer any advice I’d love hear it and discuss. Only if you have time, now your a successful published author :o)

    • Thanks! And I’ll check it out. I’d be happy to answer a few questions. You can always message me here, or through my fanfiction or fictionpress account.

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