Available Now

All The Pretty Things: a lesbian romance novel coauthored with Rae D Magdon. Available for readers through amazon –

Dark Horizons: A science-fiction based erotic lesbian novel coauthored with Rae D Magdon – available for readers via ebook and paperback here –

Chronicles of Osota: Warrior – Alina knew that one day she would return to the heartland of her kingdom, but she did not realize her return would coincide with the arrival of young Warrior-in-training Senri, a beautiful and strong, if awkward and shy, woman. But as the prospective ruler of a nation, Alina can hardly afford time to devote to pursuing a romance. When a new threat looms over the kingdom of Osota, however, she is left with little choice but to turn to Senri for help. Book 1 in a series with three planned novels thus far. Available for purchase here. Or at Smashwords.

Coming Soon

Starless Nights – This project is in early stages of development, and thus has limited information available. Taylor and Maia will be back in the sequel to Dark Horizons, and they will be fighting to end ikthian tyranny. Back on Earth, Rachel deals with the fallout caused by Taylor’s departure.


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