Here is a list of links that will direct you to some of my other work:

A short story of mine appeared in Understory 2012. It’s title is “Heart” and here is the PDF:

If you really want to torment yourself, here’s my fictionpress account. I warn you, almost everything there was written when I was a teen so it’s all a little unpolished:

And fanfiction. I borrowed my partner’s account to post all my drabbles, and now it’s gotten a viral following:

Twitter! For fast updates on story progress and general news:

Tumblr for the lolz:

And the publishing company I work with, Desert Palm Press:

Wenches Cauldron, if you like short stories:

And my WattPad account:


2 thoughts on “Links

    • It’s down for republishing through Desert Palm Press. I’m sorry. I’ll post a new link once we publish the updated version.

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